Coalition Building & Management

By designing and organizing collaborative efforts we can
dramatically expand support for your legislative and policy objectives

The Willis Group: coalition building to achieve your goals in DelawareCommunicating with legislators and policymakers under a banner that represents a large and substantial constituent group can be far more effective than attempting to do so as a single organization. By bringing together both complementary and non-traditional allies, The Willis Group can dramatically increase your ability to effect the change you want. We provide both the policy insight and organizational management that will assemble an alliance of mutual interests, build a consensus and successfully utilize collective assets and power.

The Willis Group: Strategic Coalition Building in Delaware

Forging effective alliances involves the following activities:

  • Recruiting and Mobilizing Coalition Partners
  • Establishing Cohesive Intergroup Connections
  • Ensuring Unified Group Action
  • Maintaining Group Focus on the Core Mission
  • Facilitating Ongoing Interaction Between Members
  • Coordinating Public Relations Initiatives and Actions
Coalitions are an invaluable advocacy tool that enlarges your base of support, increases your available resources, and strengthens the credibility of your stated goals. Coalitions do, however, require proper management and guidance in order to ensure that they stay intact and that their objectives don’t become compromised. The Willis Group knows how to foster beneficial relationships and oversee alliances that will most effectively amplify your message to the leaders and administrators of Delaware state government.