Government Relations In
Delaware Is Different!

Navigating the proverbial “Delaware way” takes an
exceptional blend of experience, expertise and relationships!

Delaware is an attractive place to do business. Our pro-business laws and tax policies, as well as our independent Court of Chancery, have given Delaware the unofficial title of “Corporate Capital of the World.” However, working through Delaware’s legislative process and regulatory environment in an attempt to affect policy can be a complex and cryptic process. As a diversified, bipartisan and uniquely credentialed contract lobbying firm, The Willis Group provides a complete range of results-oriented advocacy services, all designed to help you successfully engage Delaware’s political and administrative landscape.

Regardless of whether you’re a multinational corporation,
a local business, a trade association or a non‑profit organization,
our experience and practical know‑how will get you results.

Getting the outcome you want in the world of Delaware State government requires knowing both the process and the players. Our targeted, outcome-driven advocacy strategies effectively push forward policy and legislative agendas that will give you the competitive advantage. Having direct relationships with decision-makers both inside and outside of Legislative Hall, as well as a thorough understanding of the political realities that govern their actions, gives us unmatched scope and flexibility in our ability to influence government policy on your behalf.    learn more   

The prestige and influence of your power base can be exponentially increased through the active forging of alliances with other parties that share your objectives and purpose. By combining the resources of various agendas that are united by common goals, all members of an interest coalition become broadly empowered to enjoy far greater prominence and recognition. From business interests to labor and trade associations, environmental activists to community groups, consumer advocates to grassroots organizers, our extensive network of contacts can be connected in a cooperative effort to accomplish your mission.    learn more   

The Willis Group specializes in cultivating and managing strategic plans of action that will make sure that your interests are well represented during the formation of public policy. Our unique combination of political awareness, communication skills, marketing expertise, and legislative experience, combined with our ability to leverage a broad network of relationships culminates with the right strategy that resonates with the right Delaware decision makers. As strategists, we help you see the complete picture and understand the end-game. As tacticians, we methodically utilize all of the resources at our disposal in order to get you there.    learn more